Briefing and Infographic downloads

Anthony Rae 19th March 2023 On 23rd January 2023 the inspector’s report with its findings about the acceptability of the Calderdale draft local plan covering the period 2018-33 was finally published, 3½ years after the Examination in public (EiP) process began in June 2019 (report; main modifications-text; main modifications-sites). On 2nd March the Calderdale Cabinet approved a report recommending that the local plan be adopted by the full council. That meeting will take place on Weds 22nd March.

In February Calderdale Friends of the Earth, which had been making a constructive contribution to the development of the draft Plan for more than a decade, and participated in the EiP sessions until it withdrew from the process in June 2022, prepared a briefing entitled Calderdale Council’s disastrous, unsustainable local plan, This set out a detailed analysis of the flaws in the Council case underpinning the Plan, and in the inspector’s report. The briefing, with some additional comments about statements made during the 2nd March Cabinet meeting, was circulated to all Calderdale councillors on 12th March. You can download the full briefing here and there’s a summary of its findings on page 2.

On 20th March an infographic prepared by environmental and community groups which had participated in the EiP was also circulated to all councillors. The groups still oppose the adoption of the local plan by the Council, but this second document explains the reasons why the Green Belt sites being allocated for housing – some not proposed to be developed until 2036 – should not all be withdrawn from their protected status immediately in 2023 but that instead those not proposed to be developed until the late 2020s through to 2036 should remain protected until after the first statutory review of the local plan starting in 2027. You can download the infographic here (pdf).

A lobby of councillors has been organised outside Halifax town hall between 5-6pm before the full council meeting at 6pm. Members of the public who are opposed to the proposals of the local plan, for the reasons set out in the briefing and infographic, are welcome to attend.