Imagine trying to travel around Britain without our road and rail network

For many of our insect pollinators and other wildlife this is the reality. To help address this issue and to  provide more wildflower-rich habitat for bees and other pollinators to feed in, Buglife is working with partners to create a network of wildflower-rich routes across the UK: the B-Lines.  We’re part of a wider project to create a Coast to Coast Bee Road across the north of England. In Yorkshire there’s already activity in York, Richmond and Ryedale.

With your support the Get Calderdale Buzzing! Partnership wants to develop a B-Line through Calderdale providing important habitat for bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators, and enabling wildlife to move through our countryside and towns.  The Calderdale B-Line aims to link together existing wildflower-rich habitats, and then help and work with others to restore and create new wildflower-rich areas. Farmland, parkland, roadside verges, gardens and allotments can all create valuable ‘stepping stones’ along the network.

Read more about B-lines here. There’s load of additional information on that page to download on what you can do to help, and here’s the latest news about how B-lines are spreading … and not just to Calderdale.