Get Calderdale Buzzing! is the new Bee and Pollinator Partnership launched by Calderdale Countryside Service, Buglife, Friends of the Earth and many other local organisations on Sat-Sunday 28-29th June 2014. It’s our contribution to National Insect Week.

Launch events here

Download the free Great British Bee Count app for your smartphone here            .

Why? Because our bees are under threat. Due to large-scale changes in land use since the 1940’s, a massive 97% of wildflower-rich meadows have gone in the UK. Loss of this precious habitat has contributed to a decline in over two thirds of UK pollinators, including many species of bumblebee, butterfly, moth, hoverfly, and also our honeybees. So they need our help.

What will the Partnership do and who are its members? Download the Get Calderdale Buzzing! Partnership Statement.

How can I help? What can we do?

What is the Calderdale B-line?

Identification guide for our bees and other pollinators, and other resources

Meet Britain’s youngest qualified beekeeper. He lives in Hebden Bridge

Some recent Bumblebee hunts around Calderdale